Authentic PanchKarma


Ayurveda has described two types of main treatments.  

Shaman and Shodhan : Shaman means to balance of Doshas (vata-pitta-kapha) with the help of Herbs. Shodhan means to balance of Doshas through Panchkarma (detoxification). Panchkarma is toxic elimination treatment. Our unhealthy lifestyle causes accumulation of toxins in our body, with the help of panchkarma treatment these toxins are driven out from the body.

PANCH mean five and KARMA mena Actions. These are 5 panchkarmas;

  1. Vamana (emesis)
  2. Virechana (purgation)
  3. Basti (enema)
  4. Nasya(medication through nose)
  5. Rakt mokshana (blood letting)

Shatayu Ayurveda gives authentic panchkarma treatment according to patient’s condition and other factors. We Observe patient by DASVIDH parikhsa (Diagnosis) as per ayurveda. After getting Nidan Parikhsan (diagnosis) , we give best panchkarma treatment to patient. During Patient’s Full pacnhakarma, he is totally under doctor’s observation.


VAMANA is a therapeutic emesis treatment by which patient is removed aggravated KAPHA from Body. It indicates in whole KAPHA disorders. Like Chronic cough, Asthama, Skin disorders, Psoriasis, Epilepsy, Erysipelas else.


VIRECHAN is a therapeutic purgation treatment by which patient is removed aggravated PITTA from Body. It indicates in whole pitta disorders. Like Acidity, PCOS, Infertility, Obesity, Skin disorders, Edema, Eczema, Intestinal Problems else


BASTI is mainly indicating VATA disorders. Like Arthritis, Back pain, Parkinson, sciatica, Ulcerative colitis, Chronic Constipation, Infetility else


NASYA is best for the problems of upper clavical region. (whole problems in head) like Sinus, Chronic headache, Chronic cough, White hair, Hair falling,else


RAKTAMOKSHANA is mainly indicated in skin disorders and Raktaj (blood) disorders. Like eczema, pimples, Urticaria else

FOR FOREIGNER: Shatayu Ayurveda provides Accommodation and Organic Food according to problem during Panchkarma treatment only for FOREIGNER PATIENTS.

Other Therapies:

  • Abhyanga – Therapeutic Ayurvedic Massage for Pain management, skin diseases and care, etc
  • Swedan – therapeutic steam bath, sun bath for rasayan therapy, skin care, pain management etc.
  • Janubasti – For knee pain
  • Kati-Basti – For back pain
  • Hrad-basti – Heart disease, Blockages, etc
  • NabhiPurana – for vatanuloman
  • Shirodhara / Shirobasti / Shiropichu – For hair problems, Dandruff, Insomnia, Migraine, Poor concentration, Depression, Hormonal Imbalance, Facial paralysis, etc.
  • Netra-tarpan – Week eye sight, Burning eyes, etc
  • Karnpuran and karn-Dhupan – Ear discharge, hearing problems etc.

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