Skin and Hair Care


SHATAYU AYURVED is doing research work by ayurved in skin and hair problems. Now a days’ lot of skin problems are occurring in world. Ayurved has described various types of KUSTA (skin diseases) and their treatments. Shatayu is treating skin diseases by only authentic ayurved. As in society, skin disease and hair problems are spreading very fast and there isn’t other therapies help for treating them by root, ayurved is working on base and treat skin problems by root and without any side effects.

Healthy Skin – Healthy life – Healthy smile
Skin is most effective part of our appearance. Healthy skin gives very positive energy to body and mind. Skin is also very important in our Personality. Shatayu Ayurved is working in various skin problems’ solution. We are also offering people to maintain their healthy skin by affect of dust, weather, age and various other problems with help of various Ayurved Herbs and remedies. We provide treatment to prevent genetically skin disorders.

Shatayu Ayurved is treating various skin diseases like:

  1. Psoriasis
  2. Eczema
  3. Vitiligo (leucoderma)
  4. Urticaria
  5. Dandruff
  6. Acne

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Hair Care

Now a day Hair is the HEAD of Beauty. It is very important part in beauty concept but according to ayurveda hair is the mala (waste product) of Asthi dhatu (bones) and if mala (hair) is healthy which means Aasthi dhatu is healthy. And Dhatus presents healthiness of Human. So Ayurved concept is not only related with beauty but also with human health.

Seven Dhatus

  1. Ras
  2. Rakt(blood)
  3. Mans (muscles)
  4. Med (Fat)
  5. Asthi (bones)
  6. Majja (bone-marrow)
  7. Sukra(sperm)

are described in Ayurveda. Each Dhatu have individual waste product (mala). Proper Nutrition reflects each and every dhatus and malas. So if mala is unhealthy which mean its Dhatu is also unhealthy. Hair problems show unhealthiness of Asthidhatu.

Shatayu Ayurveda has researched based medicines for hair care. Certain Therapies are developed to treat hair from root and make healthy, nourished hair. Only using external application are not enough for healthy hair.

Hair Problems:

  1. Alopeciaaccording to ayurveda alopecia is generated by spoiled three doshas (vata-pitta-kapha) and rakta dhatu. Agrevated three doshas are deposited in the base of hair and generate alopecia. We treat it by research based Nasya Drops, Medicines and lepa (local application).
  2. We provide shirodhara and special therapy for problems like:
  • Hair falling
  • Immature Gray hair
  • Dandruff
  • Not growing length
  • Dry hair
  • Curly hair
  • Low luster etc.

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